What’s Inside

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Have you ever heard the phrase: “It’s What’s Inside That Counts”?

What does this mean?

Is it saying that your bones and muscles are more important than your skin?

Does it mean that people should get an X-Ray machine to look inside you?

Or maybe someone you put you under some mind probe to see what you’re thinking?


Or maybe it means that what you look like doesn’t really matter?

None of this!

What it means is that true value in life isn’t really about what you look like but about who you are as a person. It means that looks aren’t as important as your character (the way you are).

It means that your “WHO” is more important than your “DO” !

Celebrity Celebrations?

Have you ever got to like a celebrity but then found out a bit more about them and been really disappointed because they turned out not to be a very nice person?

Back in the 1980s there were some famous TV presenters that everyone loved. Unfortunately they turned out to be quite horrible people who took advantage of women and young people. Not people to be like!

Or maybe you like a celebrity and it turns out that they are a really nice person and a really good character.

Our character is important – it’s what’s inside that counts. You can be the nicest looking person and have everything you want but this won’t make you happy and won’t define you. But who you are as a person will define you – for good or for bad.

Time for Tea!

Clipper Organic Fairtrade Decaf Tea

There are all kinds of teas and you can drink whichever tea you like and can find or afford at the time. All good. But we’re going to talk about Clipper Decaf Tea.

(Note to person doing the assembly – bring some of this tea with you to show and even hand out!)

Clipper Decaf tea is expensive compared to other teas so why did I buy some? Well, it’s organic which means it uses only natural ingredients. It’s also Fairtrade which means that the people who pick the tea get paid a fair wage (really important!) and finally the tea is made into decaffeinated tea (which means it doesn’t have any caffeine in) by a process using carbon dioxide.

Many decaf teas use chemicals to get rid of the caffeine which naturally occurs in tea. But this tea (along with other decaf tea from places like the Brew Company and Taylors of Harrogate) don’t use chemicals to make the tea into decaf tea! This is a good thing to me anyway!

So we learn that the tea is natural, it pays people a fair wage and the process used to get rid of the caffeine isn’t harmful to you or the environment either. But it’s expensive. You see, having a good character doesn’t always come cheap.

What this means is that a good character is like a good decaf tea – it doesn’t harm you, it doesn’t harm others, it’s fair, looks after the people around, doesn’t harm the world around us and isn’t fake.

Christians believe that God has the power to change us on the inside, like the tea becoming decaf tea. It doesn’t mean anything weird happens to us but that God doesn’t change us on the outside by putting more makeup on us but changes us in our hearts and in our character so that we change in a good way – just like the decaf tea!

So remember – “It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts!”