Value People

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An assembly from ICE. Originally for Primary / Junior Schools, but adapted. Thanks to the ICE Team. This can also be an assembly looking at teamwork. 


  • Laptop / projector / speakers / leads (extension lead, power lead and sound, video cables) 
  • Incredibles DVD 
  • Verse on PowerPoint


Good morning. Today we’re taking your assembly on ‘Valuing Individuals’. This means we’ll be looking at how everyone is valuable because we’re all different.

Movie clip – The Incredibles. Use the penultimate chapter where the Incredibles family work together to destroy the robot. On the DVD, this is Scene 29. Timing: 1:33:06 – 1:37:47 (ends when scene cuts to a limousine).


In the movie we saw that the Incredible family all had to work as a team to defeat the robot. Neither one of them was more important than another. They were all as valuable as each other, they each brought different skills, and they won when they worked together as one team. 

1 Corinthians 12.14–21

Includes an optional Powerpoint slide – click here to download this

Note, you may have to change settings on your laptop to display both the DVD and a PowerPoint. Be sure to test beforehand and to setup your laptop correctly!)

That part of the Bible might sound a bit confusing. It’s a part of the Bible that is written by a man named Paul, he used to write letters to the churches around the world and give them advice and to help them get better as a church. This is a letter he wrote to the church in the city of Corinth and he was saying, “you need to work as a team just like the parts of the human body do.. Just think, a hand can’t do very much without an arm to move it. A leg can’t do much without a brain telling it to move. Paul goes on to talk about how Jesus values each of us and that no-one person is more important than the other.

If you’re on any sort of team like a sports team, in the school theatre production, or maybe a music group, you’ll know that everyone brings different skills to the team. In a football team, some people are really good at scoring goals and some people are really good at playing defence and saving goals. If the team only has players who can save goals they will never score a goal and never win a game. So each team member is important. 

Reflection and Prayer (you can edit this to the meaning you want / need) 

Maybe you would like to think about the skills you bring to a team you’re in and how you could help someone else become a part of the team by thinking about how valuable they are and what skills they can bring.

Think about the fact that the Bible says that Jesus has gifted all of us. We’re all valuable, we all have a part to play. God loves every one of us and longs to see you use your skills for good.