Finding Nemo

Great movie this one. But how can we apply the clips to the Christian life?

Loyalty, love and perseverance

I’m struck by how Marlin perseveres in his campaign to find Nemo. Nemo shows perseverance when he tries to escape from the tank in the dentist’s room and then when he tries to escape and then does escape. If you want loyalty then look at Dory and how she sticks by Marlin despite her memory loss and general battiness! Interesting that it’s at the end of the movie just when Marlin has lost hope and Dory and him have fallen out that they find Nemo. Often victory in a situation stares us in the face round the next corner but we don’t walk around the corner..

This also reflects God’s constant love for us, searching us out and looking for us, despite our disobedience and sin. Kinda like the Prodigal Son. 

Spreading the Gospel

Click to Chapter 17 on the DVD. For those with VHS the clip is just after Marlin and Dory have met the turtles and Dory starts telling the ickle turtles about his adventure to find Nemo. The news spreads as one deep sea creature passes the news onto another one and so on.

Point is that spreading the Word can be as simple as telling someone else about your adventure or life of faith and about Jesus. It may be through your lifestyle.


This can be found on Chapter 5 on the DVD. It is the clip where Marlin is trying to over-protect Nemo. Though he is over-bearing in his worry, his fears are grounded in the reality of his experience (loss of his wife and other ‘kids’). Nemo is resentful and wants to be free so he chooses to swim out to the wreck of a boat against all warnings. As he reaches the boat, he is swept up by the dentist who is out fishing.

Point is that God has given us rules as guidelines to stay within for our own protection. We can all choose to swim out to the wreck – but we will get caught up in the net and suffer the consequences of our sin. 

Not Judging

One of my favourite scenes, this is the shark confessional sessions. Find it in Chapter 8. This is where we meet my boy, ‘Bruce’ the awesome Aussie shark. On first sights, Marlin is terrified, understandably. But we find that overall Bruce and friends are top fish, committed to not eating other fish, ‘Fish are friends’ being their motto. 

Point is we shouldn’t judge characters on appearance. I heard a story of a guy on mission who bumped into a homeless guy in an inner city are. This homeless guys in downtown US turned out to be a highly educated Brit with extraordinary Bible knowledge who ministered to this Christian youth worker. Jesus warns us not to judge. Plus we may miss out.