Madagascar 2

Is the fun follow-on from the first movie. Another outstanding movie and highly recommended for clips and general watching. It’s funny, lots of points and pretty harmless too!

Once again, great thanks to KH for her hard work finding these video clips!

Father’s Love

Chapter 1 (02:10 – 03:45 mins). After Alex is caught (as a young lion), his father Zuba chases after him and does everything he can to free Alex.

Finding the family

Chapter 8 (20:44 – 22:25). Alex’s mum realises who he is and he is welcomed back into the pride.

(23:05 – 25:50). In this clip, Marty, Gloria and Melman also realise they have family.

Alternatively, run the whole clip (20:44 – 25:50).

Survival / Age is no barrier!

Chapter 11 (32:31 – 33:52 mins). The people survive in the jungle after the penguins hijack their vehicle, led by a gran!

Team Work

Chapter 12 (34:18 – 35:30 mins). The penguins work with the monkeys to re-build the aeroplane.


Melman expresses his true love for Gloria. Chapter 16 (51:46 – 53:00) – and – Chapter 21 (1:04:48 – 1:05:53).

Sharing / Empowering / Team work

Chapter 21 (Time 1:12:12, animals lying on the ground hear the waters rushing in 1:16:30 wide shot as they walk off wiggling their backsides / when it fades to black after this)

The key part is when Zuba (the father lion) hands the power to Alex (who’s earned the right to be in the pride). They end up sharing it but hey…

Working together

Chapter 21 (1:07:30 – 1:12:41). Alex & Zuba working together with Marty and the monkeys to bring water back to the watering hole.