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For this assembly you will need a laptop to play back some YouTube clips.

Who is your hero?

Think about heroes and who are our heroes.. We all need other people to look up to, something or someone to be like..


We all have different skills and gifts. Some of us are brainy, some are sporty, others are musical, some people are just nice friendly people. When I was at school and just 4 years old, I learned an incredible new skill. I was so proud of my new skill that when I came home from school I proudly announced my gift to my mom. ‘Mommy’, I said, “I can spit..’ and promptly spat.. Unlike me, my mom wasn’t too impressed with my skill!

Another time when I was 5, the teacher asked everyone in the class what they wanted to be when the grew older. Everyone wanted to be different things. (impersonate high pitched kids voice) Someone said, “I want to be a fireman” and another one said, “I want to be a doctor”. Still another kid said, “I want to be a nurse.” This was a class of dynamic kids, wanting to make something of their life and serve society. Next the teacher came to me and asked, “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” I thought about it and then proudly announced, “I want to be a bank robber..”

We all want to be something. It’s not always the best thing though!! In our next clip, we’ll see some ‘real-life’ heroes..

Video Clip 

Only Fools and Horses – https://youtu.be/93bAdEf0pzc (accessed January 2019)

Only Fools and Horses – Batman and Robin

If you’d prefer a different clip, you can show one of the previews of the NBC series, ‘Heroes’. Or show a DVD clip from the series.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKL-NJd3CwI (accessed January 2019)

Heroes – Volume 1 in 210 Seconds

You can also download episodes directly from http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/ (accessed January 2019)


In so many movies, we find the same kinds of story – a beautiful woman or princess, who is swept off her feet by a loving action hero of a man.. 

But heroes come in different shapes and sizes.. In an American survey, some people said Martin Luther King, Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Christopher Reeve, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Princess Diana, their mom, their dad. 

Christians believe that God is love and that he loves every person, no matter how they feel about him or whether they believe in him. They believe he paid the ultimate sacrifice by dying so that people could be made right with God. The Bible says there is no greater love than laying down a life for a friend, but Jesus did it for us all.

The next clip shows the love of a father, he is a modern example of a real hero. He loves his son and goes to any lengths to support him and make him happy. It’s really inspiring.. 


 Team Hoyt – https://youtu.be/flRvsO8m_KI (accessed January 2019)

(Just a warning about this Team Hoyt clip. It’s quite moving, so you may want to warn people, including staff – when I played this I had a member of staff ask me to warn her with my clips as she cried).

Team Hoyt – Dick and Rick Hoyt


You may not believe in God or even that he is love or loves you (although as a Christian I believe God loves you!), but we all have the capacity to love others. 

Being a hero is something we can all do – it means stepping up and stepping out to be the very best we can, to do the best we can and to love and treat other people as we’d like to be loved and treated.