Small Group

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In this sketch, we parodied what small groups should not be about. We used this in our move to getting all the young people to meet in small groups. Much of this was spontaneous and revolved around being as exaggerated as we could be..


We had one ‘leader’ with various other people basically being as unhelpful as possible, like..

1. Complete indiscipline – changing the subject – irrelevancies

2. Humorous suggestions – verging on the rude and ridiculous

3. Not listening and butting in constantly

4. Someone clearing their throat & picking their nose – eating it etc.

5. People walking in late

6. Walking off while discussion is going on

7. Eating and crunching on chips

8. Asking leader for permission to go to toilet

9. Agreeing with everything leader says

10. Disagreeing with everything leader say

11. Talking about girlfriends, boyfriends etc.

12. Making paper airplanes etc. at the leader, innnocently looking away

13. Fighting and being abusive

14. Lying about having done no preparation – with absurd excuses

15. Asking absurd questions

16. Responding with ridiculous answers