Events and the Bible

What’s this section for?

To look at the Biblical why and how – plus Biblical support for putting on an event


Well, pretty obvious stuff but in Matthew 28.19 Jesus said get out there and spread the Good News, make disciples of people and baptise them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

God’s told you to get on with it so do it! Is there a need for something new? Yes, of course! If it’s in line with Biblical principles, has aims to benefit the Kingdom and glory of God then there’s plenty Biblical things for that.

Let’s look at the ministries of several Bible characters through time:

– Jesus. Fairly static, hard-working for 30 years. Then around the place, healing, delivering, saving, discipling and sacrifcing. Chose to come to earth, to humble himself and die on a Cross for us, cos of his great love. What can be said? Perfect. 

– John the Baptist. A slightly ‘mad’ individual. He knew his place, did some great things. Eccentric, funky clothing! 

– Moses. A multi-racial birth, a murder, transformed by God, a family man, helped deliver Israel, a leader, but often unsure, an intercessor. 

– Joseph. Abused by jealous brothers, wrongly convicted, through it all he served God. Raised up as ruler over Egypt in a day. 

– Abraham. The Father of Israel, a family man with flaws. A father, leader, wise, walked with God. Spent 40 years in a desert with a troubled people. 

– Rahab. A prostitute, who chose to help God’s people and whose faith and life was changed for ever. Recorded in Hebrews 11.

– Elijah. A prophet. Great miracles, fought for God against 450 prophets. Moved around a lot. Had hard things to say. 

– Paul. A pharisee, who persecuted God’s people. Changed by great miracle, met with Jesus. Trained and turned his mind and actions to serving God, wrote a lot of the New Testament, apparently an unattractive and small man, but greatly used by God. 

Not exactly traditional ministry models are they? God reveals himself in new ways to us today just as he revealed himself in different ways through the Bible. See below for more. 

How – Old Testament

Are there Biblical precedents for ‘events’ or anything similar? Yes, but even if there weren’t we must be open to the Holy Spirit doing new things – as long as it’s in line with Biblical principles.

For some big Israelite ‘worship events’ take a look at Leviticus 23. There were many other times when Israel (and Judah) gathered together to worship the Lord or bow down before the Lord – see 2 Kings 23

What about the New Testament?

Well, Jesus wasn’t adverse to speaking to large crowds. In fact we see from the Gospels that large crowds often followed Jesus (to the extent he often had to escape away – Mark 6.45-46). For examples of Jesus attracting large crowds (in Mark’s Gospel alone) see Mark 5.21-43; Mark 6.30-44; Mark 8.1-10; Mark 9.14-15 etc. Even the once timid Peter, once he was filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke to a large crowd – it must have been large – 3000 people became believers in Jesus that day (Acts 2.41). Cool or what?

It’s really important to emphasise that if you feel the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do some kind of outreach (whether it be large scale or small scale), that you follow his guidance. So maybe you won’t find it exactly in the Word of God. So what?

The Bible is God’s written Word, Jesus is God’s living Word. The Holy Spirit brings glory to Jesus and reminds us about Jesus. So, today we can be led by the Holy Spirit to do new things, seeking to bring glory to Jesus. It may not be in the Bible, but God’s Word (truth that it is) is only God’s written Word. God makes things new, just as he did the world, just as he did for you and me when we became disciples of Jesus and got a new spiritual birth!!!

If you are led by the Spirit, are in line with the Bible, want to obey Jesus and build God’s Kingdom for his glory and not for yours then GO FOR IT!!