Help! I’m Broken!

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Do you ever feel like you’re broken and everything in your life seems to be a mess? Do you ever feel like there is no hope and that things are all going wrong. Maybe you’ve tried everything people have said will make you happy but still have a pain on the inside or an emptiness that won’t go away?

The truth is that we’re all broken in lots of ways. Here’s a clip from BBC One’s series called ‘The Repair Shop’. (Clip working October 2020).

Note – we’re going to look at a specific episode of The Repair Shop (see below ‘The Talk’). However because the clip is not on YouTube and only briefly on iPlayer, unless you find the specific clip (Series 4 Episode 3), you can use the YouTube clip below.

The Repair Shop

YouTube link –

Interactive Idea – Learn this rope trick

YouTube link – – this is a trick. You’ll need to say that this is a trick for fun as you don’t want people to think that we’re not really broken but that we just think we are!! That isn’t true but it’s worth thinking about this first!

Alternatively – Photo Restoration

Go to –

In photo restoration you have an old damaged photo and it is digitally edited to restore the image back to look like it is not damaged.

The Point

In one Series 4, Episode 3 of the ‘The Repair Shop’, a woman and her dad brought in a very old ‘sweet dish’. Unfortunately she had been responsible for breaking the dish. She said that she’d opened some curtains when she was a teenager (trying to be helpful) and the sweet dish ‘had a fall’ and had broken. She asked The Repair Shop Team to restore the sweet dish, which they did, brilliantly.

This episode of The Repair Shop is available here – – but is only available until mid November 2020. After that, hopefully this will help you find the episode.

As a Christian I believe that we’re all a bit like that sweet dish. We’ve all had things happen – we’ve all ‘had a fall’ and in different ways, we’re a bit broken. We all need to get along to the Repair Shop and have someone fix us. The trouble is that often we go to the wrong places to get fixed.

I bought a little box that helps convert one type of lead to another lead when I play in a band. They are made by a guy who is an expert. If I want the box to be fixed, I would go to him. He made the box, he knows the box and will immediately know what needs to be fixed. I could try to fix it myself and I might have a bot of success. Or I could ask someone else and they might have a bit of success. But only the person that made it can really put it back together and get it working in the right way.

As a Christian, I believe that is what God is like. I believe that God created us. I also believe that science shows evidence that we were created. God knows that we’re all a bit broken and knows exactly what each of us needs to fix us. He wants to help us put things right.

If we think of ourselves like the sweet dish that was broken, God wants to pick up all the pieces and fit us back together again. The Bible says that Jesus went around making things beautiful and that’s what he wants to do for you. He wants to take the old scruffy ‘photo’ and restore it. But in order to get things fixed, we have to recognise we’re a bit broken and ask for his help.

If there is something in your world today, God can help repair it. All we have to do is ask him. You’ll find that his is the master repairer – even better than The Repair Shop!