This is for the CGI animated version, released on DVD in 2012. The older cartoon type episodes are fun and harmless, so you could pick those up and use them too! But this is a great film – animation meets Indiana Jones as the description rightly says!

The whole DVD is great for looking at and thinking about adventure!


Chapter 4-5 (22:57 – 26.12 mins). Tintin has a little dog called Snowy, who shows him great loyalty! The clip starts at 22.57 with the words “Mr Tin..Tin” and the gangstas at Tintin’s house with a crate they put him in. Clip ends with Snowy bounding towards Tintin who says, “It’s good to see you too. See if you can chew through these ropes.” End the clip here.

This is a great clip about loyalty, determination and looking out for your friends!

Going through the storm! Adventure! Teamwork!

Chapter 9 (48:51 – 54.11, this is all of Chapter 9). Clip starts with Captain Haddock and Tintin sat in the cockpit of a plane and Cap’n saying, “Er, you do know what you’re doing…?” Clip ends right at the end of the chapter with the propellor falling off the plane and Snowy falling to the desert floor.

Clip can be used in a variety of ways such as going through the storm (they have to go through a thunder and lightning storm). Also good for looking at teamwork and adventure!!

Determination / Achieving the goal / Teamwork

Chapter 13 (01:17:31 – 01:20:42 mins). Clip starts with Capn’ Haddock and Tintin getting on a motorbike and sidecar, chasing after the baddies. Amazing clip of fighting over the scrolls and them changing hands with Tintin, Cap’n Haddock and Snowy all getting in on the action. Clip ends with Tintin holding onto the falcon who has two of the srcolls that Tintin needs.


Chapter 13 (01:20:41 – 01:21:44 mins). Clip starts where the previous one left off, with Tintin hanging onto the falcon with the scrolls. Except the evil Sakharine has captured Snowy and Cap’n Haddock. Tintin has to let the falcon go in order to save his friends from drowning. The clip ends as the bubbles bubble up from the sea into the next scene.

Encouragement / Failure / Getting back up again

Chapter 13 (01:22:09 – 01:23:59 mins). Clip starts with Capn’ Haddock saying “Nobody takes my ship” (as the owner of a 2 star hotel puts another star on the hotel…) In the clip, Tintin is very disheartened and has run out of ideas (a bit like Elijah in 1 Kings 19). He needs a good pep talk as

Cap’n Haddock says, “If you care about something, you fight for it. You hit a wall, you push through it. There’s something you need to know about failure Tintin… You can never let it defeat you.”

The clip ends at the end of Chapter 13 as Cap’n Haddock points at a plane and says, “And we can get there first.”