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Leadership Notes

Here are some notes that I took at a leadership seminar. Unfortunately I don’t know where these resources originally came from, but thought they’d be useful to share!!

Some Fundamentals

1. Achieving a task.

2. Building a team.

3. Taking individuals with you.

4. Modelling leadership and servanthood.

5. Empowering / releasing / discipling others.

Jesus’ Example

1. Sonship. He had a relationship with God, his Father (John 1.18).

2. Strategy – he had a goal with the determination to follow it (not my will, but yours be done – Matthew 26.39 and Matthew 26.42).

3. Servanthood – did not come to be served but to serve (Matthew 20.28).

4. Enabler (and taking risks). Delegation at appropriate levels. He was secure in himself.

Nehemiah’s Example

1. Moved by the distress of others (motivation for God).

2. Moved by vision. What has God called you to do?

3. Moved to prayer.

4. Moved to be bold.

5. Moved to serve.

Paul’s Example

1. Prepared to unlearn and re-learn!

2. Prepared to acknowledge weakness.

3. Prepared to suffer.

4. Prepared to be led by the Holy Spirit.

5. Prepared to stand.


Inner compulsion (often, usually confirmed by the Bible!!) You need this for perseverance. Also confirmed by others (and often, circumstance, including provision or lack of).

Tests of Leadership Potential

1. Character – self-awareness and from outsiders. Stable!

2. Commitment.

3. Competence.

4. Communbication – motivation etc. Listening and speaking.

5. Charisma – spiritual gifts and spiritual in-filling by the Holy Spirit

Temptations and Pitfalls of Leadership

1. Three temptations (very generally) – sexual, ego, self-gain financially. Be very careful who you pray with on your own! Billy Graham wasn’t ever alone with a woman if he could help it. You need good people around you to talk to / be accountable to, as well as being accountable first and foremost to God. Joseph fled temptation from Potiphar’s wife because he didn’t want to sin against God. Therefore, keep a strong and accountable relationship with God and others.

2. Be careful of believing your own PR! Leave room for questioning of your ideas. Silence is not necessarily approval! Agreement is key.

3. Don’t just copy other churches. Listen to what God says to you!

4. You must spend time developing leadership around you. Train and give away what God’s given you. Be quick to credit others and quick to take blame on yourself to protect other people.

5. Don’t ever compromise the God-given vision. Stand strong so others don’t pollute, dilute or take the vision from you, but share and encourage sharing of the vision!