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When my friend moved to Canada, I went out to visit him. He moved from a small UK city to Toronto – a massive change. One of his friends attended Winthrop University in South Carolina (this is the state above Florida. Toronto is 620 miles away, that’s almost like driving from one end of UK to the other). We drove through every kind of weather you can think of. When we left Toronto it was snowing. In New York State it was icy, as we went south it rained. By the time we reached South Carolina, it was boiling hot! We got stopped for speeding, wound up some other drivers (one of whom waved his gun at us), ate by the side of the road, shot pool in a bar where they’d never met anyone from outside the States and had plenty more adventures. We set out from Toronto, our destination was Winthrop University and ultimately that’s where we arrived.

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Where would you most like to go on holiday? I know for me it would be somewhere in the Alps or American / Candaian Rockies. But here’s what a worldwide survey uncovered..

Where would you most like to go on holiday? I know for me it would be somewhere in the Alps or Rockies in the US and Canada. But here’s what a worldwide survey uncovered…

The Top 10 holiday destinations from the TripAdvisor 2018 Travellers’ Choice Awards were:

  • Paris, France
  • London, England
  • Rome, Italy
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Crete, Greece
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Marrakech, Morocco
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • New York City, New York


(In no particular order)….

  • Cornwall
  • London
  • Devon
  • Lake District
  • Blackpool
  • Edinburgh
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Brighton
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Scarborough
  • Isle of Wight
  • Bournemouth
  • Bath
  • North Wales
  • The Cotswolds


Do an obstacle course that’s quite simple – such as walking around a couple of chairs, weaving in between something, going underneath a rope (get a couple of people to hold up the rope). Then ask for a volunteer and their mate to come up. One of them is blindfolded, the other has to guide the blindfolded victim around the obstacle course. It can be quite amusing. Girls generally do better at this as they tend to be more careful, so ask lads if you want more of a laugh!

MOVIE – Final Destination (Don’t show any clips!!)

Final Destination is a movie about a student who has a premonition that people are going to be killed on a plane. He gets his friends off the plane and the plane explodes. One by one, his friends start to die and be killed in the order they boarded the plane. Is there any way to stop death, or is it just fate? 


Do you know where you’re going in life? When I got a plane to Philadelphia in the US, I hoped the pilot knew where he was going and wasn’t going to end up in the Philippines or in Plymouth. Sure enough, he did. My destination was Philadelphia and I arrived in Philadelphia.

It’s good to think about where your life is headed and what you can choose to do to get there. Every choice, every decision doesn’t just affect you. It affects everyone around you. So make right choices and get around people who can support you.

The Bible says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Book of Jeremiah, The Bible

This is what fires up Christians and what they believe. It’s not some dead religion, but about the living God who wants to give a fulfilling life, knowing that the ultimate destination is with a loving God in heaven – a place more entertaining than the best show, better the best band, funnier than all the world’s funniest comedians and more amazing than you can even imagine.