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Sheep (what influences and guides your life?)

Assembly by Michael Gates


Psalm 119:176 – I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands.

(New International Version ©1984)

Psalm 119:176 – I have wandered away like a lost sheep; come and find me, for I have not forgotten your commands.

(New Living Translation ©2007)


We all need guidance, sheep are not the brightest animals in God’s design. They do need to be led to pastures, often we use dogs and farmers teach the dogs singles so they can control where the sheep are going. This requires lots of training on the part of the farmers and the dogs.

In the Bible, humans are often referred to as sheep, not because we are a bit unintelligent, but because we need guidance.

We have to learn many lessons in life just to survive, like how to talk so we can communicate, how to walk, to understand other people’s body language, to read and write. There are other lessons that sometimes seem so difficult, like social norms of manners, queuing, being quiet while someone else is speaking, a new language, Science, Geography, meeting deadline, discussions the list goes on.

That is why we are at school, is not just to learn subjects but how to think, to put ideas across, to prepare ourselves for taking on a paying job one day.

FOR all of this we need guidance we need to be shown the direction to go, it is sometimes necessary just to do as told as we only see the results later. We are not always to see the bigger picture, to know how it will all turn out.

This little video shows how some shepherds planned and put together an amazing display using sheep. They have trained their dogs to guide the sheep, without causing them any harm, then stood back on a hill to watch the big picture unfold. Please note that some of the sequences have been sped up as it took a long time to get the dogs and sheep to do exactly as they planned.

YouTube Video – Extreme Sheep LED Art

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Extreme Sheep LED Art

TV Facts from UK

  • The average 6 year-old spends more time watching TV in their life than talking to their parents
  • The average child reaches the end of their school age having watched 5000 hours of TV
  • By their teens, young people will have watched over 8000 murders on TV and 100,000 random acts of violence
  • By the time they leave school, the average young person has spent more time watching TV than in the classroom
  • By age 70, the average person will have spent between 7-10 years watching TV


Who is guiding you and what part are you playing in making up the big picture?