“Who Are Ya..?”

In the mountains near Scafell, Lake District

This website is run by a committed Bible believing Christian from the UK. Its motto is ‘Christian counter-culture youth work resources’.

We are Holy Spirit-filled believers in Jesus who are passionate about young people, discipleship and relevant communication of God’s truth – his Word, the Bible.

This site subscribes to the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith. Basically this means we’re not dodgy or some weird sect. (Although no doubt like you, we are a bit weird…)

Attend and involved at Exeter Network Church and help the ministry at CSA in Torquay. Have also served many other churches, ministries and Christians across the South West.

Myfishbites.com has a Biblical Christian ethos based on an evangelical charismatic Christian faith. We work with all Christian denominations and all people (regardless of religion, no religion, lifestyle, race, gender, sexuality) to try and demonstrate integrity, quality, reliability and Christ’s love through this site and our lifestyle. What we aim to present on this website is God’s truth in love. Where we get that wrong, we’re sorry!

The Website – author

Myfishbites intends to be a resource for youth work and the local church, serving God. Regularly attend and serve at my church in worship, tech, events and as part of the leadership team of a small group. Accountable to a small group of guys too. Heart is to serve and encourage!

Youth Work experience – includes working as a youth pastor; working as the senior youth leader; set up 2 regular youth work events; part of team running evangelistic youth event for 9 years; helping with many inter-church events; running many youth events; working for Christian schools project; working as a Teaching Assistant in high school; working as a school chaplain in two schools; worked as part of behaviour team; helped to set up an inclusion unit in a school youth club. Having taken many assemblies, lessons, dramas, sketches, events, music, school trips, weekends away, youth events, outdoor activities and more. Worked as a detached youth worker; worked on a youth outreach bus; trained young people in MC-ing, DJ-ing, beatboxing, electronica music, trained up 3 bands and others in audio and video. Have spoken in various churches and youth events including a Scouts event. Been involved in a youth work home group. Have created printed youth work quiet-time notes and many other resources.

Church Work Experience – Part of varied 24/7 worship and a number of prayer events. Help arrange tech and worship at churches, advising on systems and training others, unofficially. Helped with the formation of the Exeter House of Prayer (now no longer running). Help run a ministry in Torquay called CSA where I effectively head up worship and PA and serve in music, speaking and other ways at weekly meetings, conferences and other teaching events. Hugely involved in worship and PA at my church and help lead a small group called a Hub (Exeter Network Church). Also lead worship in other local churches and ministries.

Music and Worship Experience – Hugely involved in worship. Lead worship at my church (and play in the band) and lead worship at our church plant to help them. Lead worship at various other churches, a healing ministry event and other worship events. production of backing tracks, lead guitar, bass, keys. Have a calling to music, worship and serve as a worship leader and on lead guitar at various churches in Devon, open air worship and other events. I also produce high quality backing tracks for my use and others (mainly worship songs from Bethel, Hillsong, Worship Central etc). These go onto YouTube. I also produce high quality worship pads for use in worship and make these freely available.

Baby Myfishbites – back in 2001 with the internet in its infancy !!


Myfishbites strongly believes in not just giving money and time, but in being whole life disciples who cheerfully and joyfully give, as the Bible says, as led by the Holy Spirit. The projects we support can be found on the links page.

Shouts Out

To all those who have helped in the development of www.myfishbites.com. I hope I have credited all of you. I want to credit everyone (adults and young people) who have been involved in coding, assembling, writing, supporting. Thanks to my parents and my sister for their total support and Godly wisdom. Thanks to those of you who have visited this site. Thanks even more to those who keep coming back!

Most of all I give my thanks and shouts up to the awesome God, one in three and three in one. Thank you Jesus for dying, rising and calling me. Thank you for inspiring. This is all about and for you.