Value – Assembly 1

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What are we worth? Are we just a load of bones, skin, chemicals and minerals?

Our Worth?

If we were to be broken down into bits what would we be made of:

– enough water to fill 6 buckets
– enough sulphur to rid a dog of fleas
– enough potash to explode a packet of party poppers
– enough calcium for several sticks of chalk
– enough phosphorous for 2200 match tips
– enough lime to whitewash a hen house
– enough sugar for 7 cups of tea
– enough iron for a medium sized nail
– enough fat to make 6 bars of soap

Talky Bit

If we add all this stuff together it only comes to around £10. So that’s what you’re worth is it? £10? is that it?

We know we’re much more than that. We’re not just chemicals and minerals, we’ve got personalities, character, brains, emotions, feelings, talents and intelligence (well, some of us anyway..) In fact we’ve got a brain more powerful than the world’s most powerful computer.

We are all valuable, a one-off, completely unique. Take a look at your fingers. Your fingerprints and your DNA are totally unique – that’s why police use it to identify people among other things. Take a look at your eye in the mirror. Again, totally unique and individual to you. That’s why some places have retina scans – a laser that scans your eye to give access into secure areas. 

There is no one like you anywhere. Never has been, never will be. That’s not an accident of evolution which could make us feel worthless, but a design of a creator, God. Knowing you’ve been designed uniquely should help you realise your great value.

As Christians we believe that God has created you like you are and loves you. So much that he gave the most valuable thing for you – the life of his Son, Jesus. In fact Jesus gave up his life willingly for you. You could think about it this way. Jesus died so that you could have life. That’s how valuable you are. You may not feel it but as a Christian I know and believe it’s true.