Church Lyrics

We pray these will help you in your ministry, personally – and challenge you too. These lyrics are deeply personal as they express a lot of our heart and what God has done in our lives. Some rhyme schemes are simple – some are complex – but all rep Christ and have some real gold God nuggets in them!

You do not have permission to take these lyrics and store, reproduce, perform, sell, copy, hire, use in any format print or electronic, for any commercial means whatsoever, without express permission. You can use them in your youth work and church non-commercially. They are copyright, myfishbites / zerofourhiphop.

Bible / Church – List of Raps

Psalm1 – Psalm 23 – Psalm 33 – The Return of the King – Waiting – Acts 2 – The Church – Psalm 103 – God Most High (Psalm 91) – Psalm 139 – Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love

Psalm 1

You’re blessed when you walk out of step with what is wrong
You’re blessed when you step apart from sinners and their song
The blessed one delights in God and in God’s law
Whose day and night delight is God’s word, which we adore
Like a tree that flourishes, like a stream that laps the shore
Whose fruit ripens in season and ever-grows into God’s ‘more’
Their leaf is evergreen and never withers, never dies
They prosper and mature, whatever they do thrives
Not so the wicked whose life comes but blows away
Whose future without God is just dark nights, no lights, no day
God approves those he loves and those he calls
But those who choose evil choose their own downfall

Psalm 23

Verse we use sometimes during the Matt Redman song, “Even though I walk through the valley”…

When I’m walking through the valley
I will fear no death
Cos my Saviour walks beside me
Inspiring me with his breath

Jesus, you’re my guide
My cup it overflows
Your mercy poured out on me
From my head down to my toes

I will fear no evil
You’re my life, my strength, my song
No weapon formed against will stand
You right my every wrong

Your rod and staff they comfort
You’re the oil upon my head
I’ll dwell in your house forever
Cos you’re my life bread

Psalm 33 – Rap / song crossover

My heart will sing to the King
With joy my heart will rhyme
We praise him, lost in the wonder
Of his glory that goes beyond time
Worship springs from our strings
Music from instruments and lives
Our offering is this new song
With skill, with joy, we arise

By his word the heavens were made
His mouth breathed out the stars
The waters flowed from his storehouse
The world created at his command

The Word of the Lord is right and true
He’s faithful to the end
The earth is filled with his great love
Unfailing and Holy best friend

Let all the earth stand in awe
To bring honour to his name
His word stands forever as the truth
His people will never be ashamed

He foils the plans of nations
And resists the evil heart
But his will stands forever
He fulfils what’s in his heart

Blessed are those who hope in God
The people he sets apart
The Lord looks down and watches
Sees inside the human heart

No king can save himself
No warrior’s power is greater
No horse can bring deliverance
Like God, the liberator

The eyes of the Lord look down
On those who fear his power
Whose hope is on his unfailing love
He delivers them every hour

We wait and hope for the Lord
He is our help and shield
In his name our hearts rejoice
Through his unfailing love we’re healed

The Return of the King

Creation is groaning for his return one day
This homecoming a 1000 year reign then he’ll stay
As Lord over re-creation, the new heaven and earth
With a radiant bride, the church, he’ll break the curse
Cos only he is worthy, the ram who was slain
His slate is clean, his heart is pure, faultless with no stain 
Standing in the middle of the seven lampstands
The church, the one spotless, faultless, perfect ram
With holes in his hands and fire burning in his eyes
Of love and of passion for Israel and the church, his bride


It’s growing and overflowing, a passion without a sense of knowing
The stirring inside, in Christ I abide, knowing he’ll provide
But where do I start, the beginning or part way through
The call of God divine, inspired but still I wait for you
I wait on the Lord, his call on my life – I’m alive
In his presence is fullness of joy so time to arise and climb
Stretch out your hand, and see what God can do, through
Weak people like me, through his church, his power makes me new
A new creation, released from satan, now serving God in the nation
But hesitation blights my path, need what is real, no imitation
A life without limits, nothing impossible, all things can be
Where God calls he provides, when we seek Him passionately
A hope and a future, we run for the prize, to see life
Abundantly overflowing, the Spirit’s fountain flowing, in Christ
Out from God’s people, a mighty river pouring forth
Covering ankles, waists, swimming deep, feel God’s roar
His breath, his Spirit, his church his hands and feet
To bring the hope, the love of God, to the mansions and the street
Wherever our feet touch the ground, it’s claimed for Him
No weapon formed against us stands, we’re in the one true King
Overseeing, never leaving, standing side by side, day and night
Although shadows fall around us, he’s our Rock keeping us tight
The blood of the Lamb our covering, applied with hyssop on our lives
The perfect sacrifice, revealing the darkness as the church burns bright
But God’s leading, direction, is sometimes confusing
Bible verses alluding one way, but like a cup of tea it’s like I’m brewing
On standby, anticipating, awaiting and near suffocating
Need relocating, the perspiration pouring down, it’s agitating
But God leads me along still paths and keeps me in perfect peace
So if I’m feeling uneasy the problem’s me, so I need release
Crying out to the Father, for mercy and grace, in this place
But knowing that he hears me, I await his answer, he won’t be late
But the waiting and timing, sometimes it leaves a sour taste
But I know that he’s moving, so come Lord Jesus, for you I wait


The disciples were waiting, contemplating and pulsating
Jesus had said remain and that he’d send the flame 
Together in perfect unity, a harmony of prayer and community
The power of God works best where God’s love is manifest

Then a sound like thunder came, a violent wind with just one aim
Heavenly power to devour, filled the house, one hundred miles per hour
God’s raging glory burning, tongues of fire fell, adorning
Each believer with God’s power, this the Holy Spirit’s hour

The prophecies unfolding, from ancient times now spiritually moulding
Emboldening each believer as the Spirit rested like holy fever
Each believer filled, the Spirit distilled, God’s word revealed and now fulfilled
The power of death was killed, the Spirit’s life instilled

New tongues began to speak, new languages, each one unique
As the Spirit led they verbalized, proclaiming God’s Word, he’s alive
An orchestrated symphony, a Spirit led cacophony in its infancy
Of heavenly tongues and praise to the one, long since raised

The sound overflowed, understood not hidden like morse code
People ran to find the source, to seek this holy force to resource
They heard their mother tongues, pouring out from believer’s lungs
Amazed, totally fazed, perplexed, their minds all vexed

What does it mean, they seem to have the answer like a vaccine
To what we need, what we want, but others seemed nonchalant
They’re just wasted, too much wine, should’ve stuck to lemon’n’lime
But other people had tasted and saw their time to meet the divine

Peter stood and seized the moment, spoke to cement God’s one intent
That all should be saved and not be enslaved to the depraved
Spoke from history, from the law and from the mystery
Of Christ who came and died, now alive and not just history

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved
God made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ
The people cried, cut to the heart, what shall we do, we need a new start
Repent, believe in the name of Jesus Christ, receive the Holy Spirit, cos Jesus is alive

That day 3000 people were added to the church. 
Today we carry that same flame, same call and same name.
The challenge is clear and simple, to reach out to hurting people
To bring the love of Christ in power, right here, right now, each place, each hour


It’s time to make a change, to re-arrange, and make the flame
Burn once again in God’s house, make it like a lion not like a mouse
Time to throw out empty lifestyles for what is worthwhile
I’m gonna file a lawsuit against the church cos it’s adverse to change
Like a horse in chains, like a man with no name
Carryin on the same, it’s so lame..
Cos people are dying and crying, sighing and trying
So hard to find peace, but we ceased to believe that God brings release
To empty hearts and broken lives, we’ve been deceived by lies
And meaningless ties to tradition that flies
In the face of God’s truth in his Word, no longer heard, it’s so absurd
No wonder stagnation’s occurred, our vision’s blurred
We concur with the world, even though God says don’t go there..
We’ve sacrificed truth, become aloof, spend time rebuilding the church roof
Keeping up appearances, keeping up with the Jones’s
Keeping God’s power down in our lives, cos we don’t try to rely
On the Spirit, cos we can’t see it, or won’t receive it
We don’t believe it, we can’t conceive it’s power..
I can’t take the hypocrisy, mediocrity and apostasy that dishonours God’s name
And disses his fame, a fame that must filter to every dark corner
Of the church that’s the bride to a heavenly Lord
And needs shaping and changing and moulding like clay
A bride to be proud of when Jesus returns one day
Don’t wanna play this game (of church) no more..
I stand before God and plead the case
Cos I wanna see darkness removed from this place
From the church, make it cleansed, like a telescope lens
Empowered with love to go make amends
To reach out a hand in this land that will stand
For justice and truth for each woman and man
Prophetically speaking I wanna see action
Not inaction, refraction, defraction but traction
In ways that will break, and then shake
The strongholds of evil built up that create
Unhealthy traditions and ungodly ways
That cloud the days like an unending maze
Be amazed by the rays that will shine with God’s light
Revealing the darkness and making it bright
Bright once again to revive God’s church, bright once again to en-vibe God’s words

But we’re just like the world, we unfurl and then twirl
Round meaningless values, meandering avenues
Hoping to succeed, we don’t intercede and then we feed
On a diet of evil and sin, throw it out with the trash not the recycling
Cos we need to stand out and then shout all about
With Good News, stop fillin the pews, but relight the fuse
Of holiness sent from above, then inside, to abide
That means live in our hearts and transform our lives, for a heavenly prize
But too many times the church is plain wrong
We sing stupid songs and sit in our seats, slappin’ each other, ‘Ah. Aren’t we all sweet’
Well no, cos we’ve messed up, priorities out, no doubt..
Cos Jesus said go, speak and live the true message
Church ain’t some place where we jus say, ‘God bless’
But a place where God works out our holiness to impress we gotta show God’s love
So divided we’re like a jigsaw, all over the floor, don’t talk no more
Think that we’re right, keep it tight day and night, don’t’ think that we might
Be outta line with the book, we don’t even look
And then when we do, we don’t drink deep but throw one-off liners to prove to all we meet
That ‘our way’s the best and you’re way just sucks’
Well guess what people, you’re outta luck
Cos Jesus has one church, one bride, one day, he’s gonna come back and say
What were you doing, what a terrible play, you’re wack cos you didn’t do it my way
And though I love you it’s fair to say, there should be more people standing here today


Psalm 103 Remix

Praise the Lord, with all of my soul
With everything I have, Lord, you’re in control
My whole being praises you cos you’re all-seeing
Day to day, in all you do, your kindness is exceeding
Forgiving all my sin, mistakes and all my evil
Cleansing me within, my inner state is healed
You’ve saved me from the fiery hell
Your love and mercy, unparalleled
You satisfy my heart’s desire with gracious holy fire
Renew, restore, my Spirit soars, like eagles, I fly higher

The Lord does only what is right and fair
Justice for all who are down and in despair

Revealed his ways to men like Moses
Israel saw God’s deeds, and in his love, he chose us
The Lord is merciful, compassionate, kind
Slow to get angry, shows love to mankind
The Lord won’t accuse us or wage acts of terror
Won’t harbour his anger towards us forever
He never punishes us as our sins deserve
Or repay us according to our wrongs, but with love
For as high as the heavens look over the earth
God looks down with favour to his people who serve
As far the east is from the west 
So far have our sins been taken, laid to rest
Just as a father shows love to his children
The Lord has compassion on all those who fear him
He knows how we were formed
From the dust we were transformed

As for man, his days are like the grass
Growing up just like a flower in a field
The wind blasts, the flower fades, like an empty glass
He’s gone, forgotten, no longer revealed 
But forever and for all time
The Lord’s love for his fam, sublime 
His goodness travels down the generations
Through children’s children, it runs across the nations
With those who obey and keep God’s holy laws
Remembering to follow him, the one who has no flaws 

The Lord has set his throne in heaven
His kingdom reigns, from evil we’re delivered

Praise the Lord all you heavenly angels
All you mighty warriors who obey his every word
Shout to the Lord all you heavenly hosts
Lift up his name you who worship and serve
Praise the Lord in all his works and power
Everywhere. He rules. Praise the Lord, our mighty tower.

God Most High (Psalm 91 remix)

I will go to God most high, you know I’ll be protected
I will say, to my God, you’re my place of safety
You’re my God, I trust you, you’ve promised to save me 
Keep me safe from secret traps, save me from diseases 
Spread your wings over me, you’re my place of refuge
Your faithfulness is like a shield, your truth it will protect me
I will fead no danger at night, nor weapons sent to harm me
You take all my fear away, so I’ll fear no sickness

I will call out to your name, Holy God always the same
We worship you cos you are living, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

At my side, many may fall, but God will keep me standing 
Even if thousands drop, the Lord he will protect me
God has put his angel force over me for shelter
They watch me, wherever I go, to catch me if I stumble
The Lord has said he’ll look out, for those who will love him
So I’ll call on his name, and he will always answer
He’ll be with me in my trouble, rescue me and help me
He’ll give me, a life outstanding, then I’ll shout, ‘he saved me!’

I will call out to your name, Holy God always the same
We worship you cos you are living, Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Psalm 139

Lord you get inside my head, you’re like my bed-spread
Covering me, I’m blessed, filled wit you like blood is red
Yo, jus like a doctor, my sinful life could shock ya
Like a goal stopper, but your Word a real sin blocker
You know before I’m speaking, that spiritually I’m creakin
But through you Lord I’m breathin, you even called me, called me Stephen
Know my thoughts before I think em, if I’m uplifted or sinkin
If I’m growin in you or shrinkin, if it’s love or hate I’m drinkin

My words are not my own, you even chose my tone
If you were on the phone, I’d say Lord please come back home
You’ve put your hand up on me, your pain, the cross, such beauty
No time for playas or cuties, no need for cash or booty
On the cross you died all bleedin, but that gave me steps to freedom
And even if cats can’t see em, your truth the way from demons,
You’re greater than the stars, the planets shout your powers
Created all the flowers, man in England got yo showers


Your Spirit fills, surrounds me, gives faith which means that I’m free
I know that I’m unworthy but through you God made classy
The heavens show you’re there, the earth displays your flare,
The sunlight shows you care, God’s Word your written share
Man I’m truly blessed, from the east through to the west
From my foot up to my chest, yes to God and bump the rest
Your right hand like a guide, in you I can confide
You reside and I abide, both day and word, at night

Lord you’re my creator, mechanic and inventor
Jesus Christ, God sent ya, to come and be earth’s healer
Lord I lift you up, my beats will never stop
This accapella rhyme drop, will make your head nod
Just look at what you’ve done,  just think what I’ll become
In heaven wit God’s Son, got Satan on the run (ha ha)
All my days are planned out, in your name I stand out
An’ I will never run out, of words of praise to spit out


Your wisdom it is priceless, the King of endless ages
Your Word is truth filled pages, you’re peace while the world rages
Lord examine my heart, this freestyle just a start
All evil ripped apart, I’ll take your life-filled path

Nothing can separate us from God’s love (Rom 8.31-39, Phil 3.8, Eph 2.8-9)

If God is on our side then listen what can be said
Thru the sacrifice of Jesus and the blood that he shed
God freely gave his Son to us so what won’t he give
To his people on this earth, to his people that live

Through Christ we are sorted out, he died on the cross
So now I say compared to Jesus all else is loss
Cos God did this freely, not through things that I’ve done
Now I stand before the Father through the death of his Son (and say..)

Nothing.. can separate us from God’s love.. (x4)

Christ died for all our sin, then he came back from the dead
He took away our punishment, he felt it instead
So now he sits by the Father, always pleading our case
Reminding the world of his love and his grace

Now we have the victory, the debtors are paid
Through Jesus we are sorted, by the power of his name
He overcome the power of death and all that is bad
If only we’d reach out and touch the love that is God

Nothing.. can separate us from God’s love.. (x4)

Not hunger, suffering, hard times, not death
Not trouble, pain, grief, not death
Not life, not angels, not evil. not death
Not the present, nor the future, the past, nor powers above or below
We have the victory so shout it
Through Jesus we are cleansed so shout it
Nothing breaks his love so shout it
We overcome through Jesus so shout it (x2)