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Myfishbites Daily Notes
The best beauty treatment – Ephesians 5.25-27 - There are a huge range of beauty treatments on the High Street, in the malls and on the web. These range from make-up to cover-up to anti-age treatments, right the way up to medical procedures to improve, lift and transform the physical body. They’re all available for women and for guys and make up an industry revenue of bn in the USA alone (source:, accessed 27/4/12). Most people, whether they admit to it or not (!) spend money in this area – yep, even you guys who often spend longer geling hair than the girls! But sadly, anti-ageing treatments can never be permanent. 1 Corinthians 15 tells us how the result of Adam’s sin was death (so we all get old and will all die, from this world anyway!) But through Jesus and his work on the Cross, we have the opportunity to be ‘raised’ with him to eternal life, if we say yes to Jesus in our life. Ephesians 5 talks about how Jesus loved the church (the people of God) so much that he gave himself up for the church (in coming to earth and dying then being raised back to life and to heaven), washing us with the water (baptism) and the Word of God (the Bible) to present the church to himself as a radiant church, without spot or blemish – holy. OK so this is a spiritual thing and maybe not a physical thing. But there is no doubt that there is a beauty that comes with a Godly woman and a grace that comes from a Godly man that is often shown physically. I know one lady who is a real prayer warrior and her face shines with Jesus so much that no beauty treatment on earth could replicate it! There is nothing wrong with looking your best and using beauty treatments (unless it becomes obsessive and wasteful). But God has the perfect beauty treatment for us, his church. As we follow God, read his Word, get baptised and then pursue God, allowing him to make us holy, we do become radiant and lose our ‘spots’ and ‘blemishes’. OK, so we may have physical spots and blemishes but God is purifying us inside to give us a beauty that cannot be bought or improved on – it’s the kind of beauty that comes from Jesus living on the inside of us and ‘bursting out’ from us!