Myfishbites Mini Bites

Get your nose into the Bible with these daily shots of Bible inspiration and challenges. These are just a selection taken from the many more quiet-times you can find on myfishbites.

Myfishbites Daily Notes
Jesus has won the battle – Ephesians 1.19-23 - 1. God raised Jesus from the dead after he was crucified and died on the cross. This same power is available to those who believe in Jesus. Note the Bible says the power is available – it doesn’t say it’s guaranteed. To access God’s power fully we need to be pure and God-like, keeping ourselves from sin in the presence of a mighty God. 2. Jesus has won the battle and has defeated Satan. You don’t need to live in fear of him. Through Jesus and what he has done, you too can win over all situations in your life. Even in church, Jesus is in charge. The Bible says he fills the church and everything completely! Just think about that! 3. There is no power, king, authority or ruler that is not under the authority of Jesus. They might not realise it, but Jesus is Lord over everything. Next time it seems things are out of hand in your life, talk to Jesus about it.