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Get your nose into the Bible with these daily shots of Bible inspiration and challenges. These are just a selection taken from the many more quiet-times you can find on myfishbites.

Myfishbites Daily Notes
Three in one and one in three – Genesis 1.1 - “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The Bible is so unlike any other ‘religious writings’. It under-states everything that happens. It doesn’t go to great lengths to present Bible characters as incredible heroes without flaws. And it often tells us amazing stuff, writing profound things (like the creation of the whole world, and universe) in simple statements – “God created the heavens and the earth.” (As you do!) But more than this, today we’re looking at who God is and why this even matters. Well, in another quiet-time, we look at the fact that God is one God and yet in 3 parts! It’s often called ‘The Trinity’ or ‘The Godhead’. In the Bible, we read about God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. All are ‘God’ and yet all are distinct! It’s a real stumbling block to many people who can’t get their head around it. And how could we? If we understood God, he wouldn’t be God! God is much bigger, greater and more powerful than we can get our heads around. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew. In the original translation of this verse, the Hebrew calls God ‘elohiym’ (also sometimes written as ‘elohim’). The Hebrew name for God is ‘El’ – so what does ‘Elohim’ mean? Well, it is the plural for ‘El’. So, just as we’d say ‘house’ or ‘houses’, the word used in Hebrew in Genesis 1.1 and other places is ‘Elohim’. But in Hebrew, elohim does not mean ‘gods’. It points to a strange and deep mystery – that God is both ‘one God’ and yet ‘three-in-one’. As one of my rhymes states, “God is the Father and Jesus is the Son. Together with the Holy Spirit, three-in-one.” This kind of word is unique to the Hebrew language and no other languages have a God who is described in this way. This points to Yahweh, the one true God and yet to the profound nature of God being Father, Son and Holy Spirit and with a clearly defined order too. As you read through the Bible and look at the original translations, it opens up whole new worlds as God reveals much more about how deep, how wide and how far God and his Word goes.

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