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Get your nose into the Bible with these daily shots of Bible inspiration and challenges. These are just a selection taken from the many more quiet-times you can find on myfishbites.

Myfishbites Daily Notes
Answers – 1 Peter 3.15 - “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” This verse of the Bible is packed full of golden Bible nuggets, so let’s dig for gold together! FIRST, everything comes from putting God first in our hearts. To ‘revere’ God means to honour him for who he really is – good, loving, kind but also all-powerful, the God of the universe and holy. Out of this loving awe of God flows everything else so let’s focus on God for who he is first. SECOND, always be prepared to give an answer. It can help if we think about our faith and really know what we believe before anyone asks. This way we can give a better answer. It also helps us in our faith as we learn from the Bible about what it is we believe and why. The Bible has an answer for everything but we have to dig to find it sometimes! But it will be well worth it. THIRD, we’re encouraged to give an answer to people who ask. So here’s a couple of challenges. It is right to share our faith with people actively, but very often people don’t want to hear it or aren’t ready to receive it. God works in all kinds of ways but this verse encourages us to answer people who ask. So pray to God that he will give you opportunities to people’s questions rather than just ‘Bible bash’. It also encourages us to give an answer, not to walk away or not answer people! FOURTH, people will ask about the hope you have. So the next challenge is: are you living a life that people ask questions about in a good way? Are you full of hope? Do you have something that others need or want? We should have! Ask God to fill you full of his hope (Romans 15.13). FINALLY, we should answer people with respect and gentleness. Too many times Christians are like a crashing cymbal, banging in people’s heads. But the Bible calls us to be gentle and have respect. The Holy Spirit is pictured as a dove in the Bible, not a squawk·ing crow! Let’s be the same!