Lockdown Resources

Lockdown Resources for use now and at any time! There’s daily notes / quiet-time thoughts / videos / testimony / talks / images and more – you’ll find these around the site and much more. The purpose of all of this is to point to God alone. He is our anchor, our hope, our help and the one that life is all about. History really is ‘His-story’. Let’s be part of it, working with God. And tell your story to others – we’re in this together as one family!

Christmas 2020 Maxi Bite – Jesus finding what is lost

Maxi Bite direct link – https://youtu.be/shohImsKY5s

The UK Blessing

Want to know what the UK Church looks like? https://youtu.be/PUtll3mNj5U

Lockdown Mini Bites

Quiet-times / daily notes / short and accessible! Link – https://issuu.com/myfishbites/docs/myfishbites_lockdown_mini_bites

You can also download as a PDF by clicking here

Talks from the Shed 1 – Noah and Moses

Direct link – https://youtu.be/Mx7zTE1xcJA

Talks from the Shed 2 – King Asa and King Jehosophat

Direct Link- https://youtu.be/0pOZZcYChMA

Talks from the Shed 3 – Handling Change Well

Direct link – https://youtu.be/LY1rSIFip_Y

Talks from the Shed 4 – Abraham and the Journey

Direct link – https://youtu.be/zdlXtzk3tbg

Talks from the Shed 5 – Joseph and God’s promises

Direct link – https://youtu.be/pTTKXqUTBx8

Talks from the Shed 6 – Elijah lessons!

Direct Link – https://youtu.be/hdBfa3dIRX4

Talks from the Shed 7 – King Josiah

Direct Link – https://youtu.be/mZP5xrS54rc

Worship Sets

Worship Lockdown Sessions 5 – https://youtu.be/vihHp-bkmOM

Worship – Lockdown Sessions 4 – https://youtu.be/kIX_Qz32hDo

Worship – Lockdown Sessions 3 – https://youtu.be/0WT9Ii-w-58

Worship – Lockdown Sessions 2 – https://youtu.be/zed1rNLcvWw

Worship – Lockdown Sessions 1 – https://youtu.be/EQJgjD1Pezs

Talks in and around the subject of the virus

Virus Attacks – https://myfishbites.com/talks/virus-attacks/

Passing Through (Egypt) – https://myfishbites.com/talks/passing-through/

Videos – Bible verses, Testimony, God’s Kingdom

Bible verses for God’s help – https://youtu.be/1dpG0ZaEfLc

My Testimony – https://youtu.be/Mo8GHXEE794

Seek First God’s Kingdom, UK Revival – https://youtu.be/AVZn3idPSPs

Daily Bible Mini Bites Thought – John 1.5

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

A speaker called ‘Patricia King’ shared a true account on her Facebook page (April 3 2020) of a nurse working in a medical care centre in Florida.

The nurse said this: “…So the doctors were working with and the CDC say…(their words,) this virus hates the Light! ..haha, at the end of each day we are being instructed to put our masks and shoes in our cars on the dashboard and let them “soak” in the sun( light) the rays from the sun is killing it. BAM! What works in the spirit is now the answer in the natural!!! Isn’t that Awesome.”

So, some of the things we know about the virus are that the virus hates the light and hates UV rays (from the sun). Why? Because it kills the virus. The nurse points out that this has a spiritual side as well. When we bring things into the light of God’s presence and his goodness and his ‘holiness’ (so that means that God is pure and perfect and we should respect him in a big way) that things that are wrong and evil are exposed and can be removed. And we know that the Son of God, also called the ‘Son of Righteousness’ is like a sun who exposes darkness and brings light and life (just like he did at the beginning of time!)

We are all being encouraged to wash our hands during this time of the virus (hey, we should be washing our hands anyway!) but we’re doing this more, more carefully and for longer. There’s a spiritual side to this too. As God’s people, God tells us to ‘be holy because I (God) am holy.’ Being holy means that we ask God’s help to stop doing the things that don’t please God and that put up a barrier between us and God.

God’s message to you today is to let God’s pure light shine into and then out of you. What God gives us is also for others and people need to know about God’s goodness, especially in a time when there is so much darkness.

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