Today's Quiet-Time Bible Notes. August 22nd, 2017

Running the Race - Hebrews 12.1, Part 2 | Olympics Theme ... Let us run - I hate living my Christian life at a slow pace. While God knows what we need, there is no doubt that there are different levels to the Christian life - and we have a choice about whether we want to run or stand still (and anywhere in between). Sometimes it's hard and requires real courage or letting go. But just as there is a fast lane on a motorway, so we have a choice. Just don't speed - it's dangerous and uses more fuel! And if you need strength, wait on God (Isaiah 40.31). With perseverance - if you've ever seen the marathon, this gives us some example of what the Christian race is like. But every athlete has to persevere to win. There are setbacks and obstacles to overcome. Paula Radcliffe had to withdraw during both of her races at the Olympics. Did she quit? No, later in the year she went to the New York Marathon and guess what, she won. We are here to win the race, not just to take part. The race marked out for us - we're in this Christian race together and yet we have our own race, marked out for us by God. Imagine you are an athlete about to run the 100m. You have a lane marked out for you (and you alone), you have the track marked out in front of you with paint. Don't get outside of your lane and calling. But you have to make the choice to get down and then actually run the race. And you have to obey the rules (don't cheat like Mr Bean in the London 2012 Olympics video!) All this parallels the Kingdom of God.

-- Myfishbites