Today's Quiet-Time Bible Notes. June 27th, 2017

PUT ON YOUR BATTLE GEAR - Read Ephesians 6.10-18 ... Use every weapon and defence that God gives you - you'll need it as we're fighting evil powers and not humans. Be prepared. Take hold of the full protection of God each day like you were getting ready for battle. You'll need excellent spiritual health. Always speak the truth, be filled with God's truth. Stand up for justice and the oppressed. Stay in peace by fixing your thoughts and heart on God alone. Always be ready to tell people about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Your faith in Jesus must be strong and firm - constantly fed through your prayer life and Bible readings. The Bible is a very important part of God's protection. God's Spirit speaks to us through the Bible because it is the Word of God. So the more you know and read the Bible, the better prepared you'll be. Pray all the time, in all situations and for your spiritual brothers and sisters. Pray so you and they stay strong and run the race well. Finally make sure you have a strong belief in Christ. Through his saving power and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we have further protection. Put on all this protection daily and thank God for it.

-- Myfishbites